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I'm Nathan, a mid-level UX Design contractor with excellent visual design and prototyping skills.
Here’s a snapshot of what I will bring to your team:
Pro-Growth Advocate

Committed to lifelong learning, my curiosity drives me to craft innovative designs that meet user needs and business goals effectively.

Data-backed Design Decisions

My designs are rooted in user data and industry best practices, ensuring that every update is as functional as it is visually appealing.

Consensus Builder

I excel in clear communication, both verbal and written, and work well with teams to ensure projects align with our collective vision.

Coder's Mindset

Having front-end experience, I bring a practical perspective to design, creating solutions that are as implementable as they are attractive.

Visual Communicator

I apply the principle “an image is worth 1000 words,” using icons and visuals to simplify complex information and boost engagement.

Detail Oriented

I can easily spot and fix design issues such as mismatched patterns, improper padding, poor contrast, and unbalanced layouts.

Case Studies

General Motors Design System Work

May 2023 - Jun 2024
Learn about all of the Design System work I did at GM over the past year, including:
How I completely overhauled the GMC Design system for theming,
Created animations and functional prototypes showcasing in-vehicle behavior for product presentation,
Updated the design system following design direction from senior leadership and corrections to design system components based on defects found by software
Created marketing sketch libraries to streamline how marketing images are created and maintained

FocusMe UI Redesign

Desktop application
Jan 2022 - Jan 2023
Learn how I spearheaded efforts to modernize the User Interface and User Experience of the FocusMe desktop app. After conducting extensive user research, I identified core pain points and needs, guiding the design of a new UI that not only looks sleek but is incredibly user-friendly.
This long case study thoroughly details the twelve month project, organized in three parts:
1. Discover
The user research and ideation workshops that sparked innovative design solutions
2. Design
The wireframes and high fidelity mockups and prototypes that I created
3. Validation
The results of the user-testing with the results and insights & stakeholder approval process. Website

Oct 2022 - Jan 2023
Working closely with a senior UX consultant, discover how I turned his idea for an app that will help Ukrainian refugees into a sharp live web prototype.
This case study showcases my graphic design and design iteration process as I was responsible for the logo, branding, and all graphics and icons for this website.
I also built the web prototype in WordPress which can be viewed at (it looks best on mobile!) The prototype is functional, featuring two languages and a working chat.

Memory Palace

Mobile App
May 2021 - Oct 2021
I had this great app idea for a memorization studying app with a unique twist; it utilizes a powerful but less known memory hack: the memory palace.
Learn how I designed this app in Figma and pushed Figma prototyping to its absolute 2021 limits.
Leaving it here for posterity, besides, the prototype is amazing. The flashcards and escape from the orca game are fully functional within the prototype. This was as fun to make as it was to play on my phone.



May 2022

Jon Rumens – CEO of FocusMe

Nathan joined FocusMe to overhaul the interface of our desktop app. From day 1 he took the initiative and confidently made suggestions of how to approach the project. Invariably I found his proposals and work absolutely spot on! He has a superbly keen eye for detail and is not satisfied with anything less than perfect. He followed a rigorous process including multiple rounds of user surveys and user testing to design to ensure that the final design would make our existing and new user’s happy. Feedback from user’s confirms that they really like the new design. When we release it I have no doubt that we will significantly increase our customer base thanks to Nathan’s work.

I cannot recommend Nathan highly enough and hope to work together again in future.

Most Recent Blog Post

Bottom Navigation Bars for Mobile Websites

Nov 23, 2023

The image to the right shows my portfolio in mobile view. Since 60% of website page visits take place from mobile devices, making sure that websites are as mobile friendly and easy to navigate as possible is paramount. To help accomplish this, I created dynamic bottom navigation bars to allow mobile visitors to quickly and easily navigate through all of my webpages with one thumb.

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